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Geschafft! 101 Motorräder und ihre FahrerInnen portraitiert beim Glemseck 101 für die 101 Dokumentation.

Vielen Dank an alle die mitgemacht haben.


Glemseck Day 1


Accompanied by perfect weather, we made ourselves comfortable at the Kawasaki stand at the Glemseck 101 event.  Shirts and accessories have been placed at the stand and photographer Christian Mader has captured his first bikers with their bikes for the 101 documentary.


Kawasaki racing driver Francesca Gasperi showed up in the brand-new EasyRide leather gear.  The supreme fit, the combination of sophisticated Kevlar stretch and leather really suits Francesca.  She feels extraordinarily comfortable in her new second skin and safe, as the gear fully complies with the high safety requirements of the race management.


The team immediately wandered to the nearby Waldstraße on the fringes of the event in order to position the infernal machine, the Kawasaki H2R with incredible 300 hp, for the first test drive.  Francesca dashed off with 125dB, safely leaning the Japanese battle ship into the curve.


We are crazy about the race on Saturday and keep our fingers crossed for Francesca’s win!